Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Fair...

Off to the Psychic Fair with Julie and Classmates this afternoon, I wonder if a palm reader can tell me where my Government money is? Fredericton, in all of their wisdom, have decided that the school is not registered, even though I gave them all that paper work.. now I need more paper work, I just found out about it on Friday... weeks after I should have gotten my money for books and school supplies... sigh Pray for me!!

School is great, I am learning lots but struggling with emotional issues that keep cropping up as I hurl towards the 2nd anniversary of Mary's death.. however, I am in the right place to grow through everything that comes up. I will see my new Psychotherapist sometime in the next 2 weeks (25 hours of therapy is required for the program) and will begin to unravel some of this mess I call my internal life... I am really looking forward to the peace that will come with that. I have finally started dreaming again, I haven't since Mary was diagnosed, so that is nice even though some of the dreams are freakish, it is cool to have a dream state again.

Everything else is grand, I am learning how to make bread with a bread maker... not as easy as it sounds.. so far the only bread that has turned out is New Brunswick Molasses Brown bread, and Oh is it sweet... I had it with fried potatoes and molasses beans the other night... ah childhood memories! Remember that on Friday nights of no meat! I will write more later after the fair!

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