Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, I think I can do that!

What a week end... I thoroughly enjoyed the Veggie fair and art show... At the Veggie fair we talked to people about where the best place to buy veggies at and organic stuffs, drank from a coconut with a straw and enjoyed interesting vendors and sampled many varieties of food, from all manner of ethnic and religious backgrounds... the Hare Krishna's were there with yummy Karma free cooking... what a thought cooking that builds no Karmic debt... I did not think that eating organic, ethically raised and killed meat could increase my karmic debt load... this is food for thought.. pun intended.. I wonder if many of us give thought to how our food was grown, harvested and cooked and how that impacts us spiritually... I wonder if that is why saying grace originated to wipe out the Karmic debt and blessing of the food to make sure it did not impact our spirit. To give thanks, does anyone do that any more before a meal, give thanks to the earth that grew it and to the workers who harvested it and the people or person who toiled to make it... I wonder.

Each day brings me a new series of thoughts and things to be grateful for... at this moment I am grateful for you, the sun, warm Organic Gluten free multi-grain bread from Molly B's kitchen... hot fair trade coffee... yummy!

At the Junction Art show we enjoyed amazing organic beer and were treated to wonderful music and buskers and art... I got my hand painted with henna again and enjoyed a free David Usher concert... he was, as usual, energetic, connected to the audience and in fine vocal form. I saw the most awe inspiring pink Jesus in an art store, it was loud and huge and the carved face had a level of depth that I have not seen in a carving in a long time... I had to touch it and Julie caught that shot.. I was enthralled.

Today Julie and I are off to the Toronto Islands for an adventure in the sun... this is my last week off before my classes start.. I plan to make the most of it each day with new and exciting adventures... I am especially happy to be breaking my fast on Thursday night with my dear friend Asma and to participate in Ramadan prayers with her family on Friday. I live to learn!

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