Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Break at an end...

What a joyful March Break I have had. It started with my dear friend Asma and a few days with she and Aisha... what fun... and her friends are so awesome... we had a spa night and they let me do Reiki on them.. hummm case studies:-) Then it was off to my friend Doreen's and a grand visit with she and her family. Doreen's 5 year old son Ben is still recovering from his Bone Marrow Transplant.. he too had Aplastic Anemia... he is a wonder and a joy.... I will do whatever it takes to hear his laughter.... and oh man does he know it.... our new song is Peppermint Twist... hehe especially the round and around and around part.. hehe

After Doreen's I went to my niece Angela's for 2 nights and her darling girls are a joy... bundles of energy and love... Annelise, age 6, made me a sign to take home.. "Dear Patty, you are adorkable... Love Annelise"... hehe I have to get it framed.. there is no other choice.. it is that cute!! Back to Doreen's for more days of fun and cooking and tye dying and scrapbooking... Thanks to each of them, and their friends and cats and dogs and kids, I completed all of my Reiki case studies... I arrived home this afternoon exhausted, and happy.. friends make life so much sweeter, another thing I am grateful for!!

Back to school tomorrow!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wow X 2= holy camoly!

What a whirlwind of emotions this past week has held. Having the capacity to contact Mary's donor has been a gift. Sharing our stories has had a tremendous healing effect on my heart. Reliving some of Mary's quirks and uniqueness has been so joyful. Grief is a task master, to say the least. I am filled with a deep level of gratitude for his sacrifice and his role in helping to save Mary's life. But Creator had other plans for my darling girl, my spirit child who soars with the Universe. What a blessing!

On another note I got my 1st Reiki attunement this week and my healing hands are hot and tingly and ready to go to work. Reiki is what I used to help me begin to heal my heart after Mary died and is the energy treatment I will use most in my new practice. It is a glorious thing when Creator's LOVE flows through you into another person. I am both humbled and ecstatic at the prospect of having a tool for peace in my own 2 hands.

Each day is a new adventure and my arms are thrown back in anticipation. My heart is soaring and my mind is clear and with direction. I am grateful!