Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hanna turns 19 and other things....

On May 28th Hanna turns 19... and so would Mary... Hanna still looks the same as she did at 15... Mary would too... I wonder how I will feel when she doesn't... in my memory will Mary stay the same or age... Hanna will be 19... 19 years... how it flies by!

On Saturday, May 29th, 2010 the Mary Fund will be hosting “An Evening of Art and Music” at the Kent Theater, 24 Coburg Street, Saint John, from 8:00pm to 1:30am, to raise money for a Youth scholarship. This scholarship is to support a local high school youth financially so that they can attend a program of higher learning in either art or music. This year the scholarship will be awarded to a student KVHS, as that was Mary’s alma-mater. The fund was established to honor my 15 year old daughter, Mary Donovan, who, on November 30th 2006, at the age of 15 died following a bone marrow transplant. Mary was a work of art, she drew and played bass guitar, and she wrote plays and poetry and dreamed of being a website designer where all of her talents could be employed.

This event is sure to draw a crowd. With music from Divine Heist, The Matt Dylan Band, Clinton Charlton, Seven Crows and Jam Spots and Hospitals. There will a live art auction and multiple raffles for items to be draw through out the evening.

Join us!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thoughts on turning 50.....

On Tuesday, at 11:55pm, give or take a few minutes, i will have spent 50 years on this planet…. and a lot has changed… in my lifetime technology has revolutionized our way of living, some things for the better and some not… many people i have loved have left me, some for greater places and some not…. i have led, and been a part of, many charges, some have made transformation possible and some have not…. the constant in this saga is me and to me, i have changed more than all of these things.... through each up hill climb, each fall and each pain i have grown and changed.... through each leisurely walk, each climb and each joy i have grown and changed…. and at 50 i have realized that in my life the only other constant is change… my job is to learn to flow with it, like the wind, not judging just accepting what is, because i am certain that, even if i do not like what is, things will change.

Thank you to each experience, both good and bad, for facilitating my change and growth… I may not have liked you at the time, but in hindsight am grateful for the learning!

Thank you to my Parents for giving me biological life and to all those who have crossed my path to teach me, torment me and love me… I am grateful for the learning!

Thank you.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finding Peace admist the chaos....

Every thing is perfect as it is… even that which we dislike or even hate, in its decrepitude, it is perfection… every thing is what it is…. It is our opinion, judgment or an emotion, which makes it either good or evil… some things exist to teach us and to challenge our perceptions… some things exist to teach those going through it, but can be both at the same time.. Every thing is a learning moment… the ultimate choice is to rise above that which we perceive, without judgment and be free from the confines of our minds! This could be an end to suffering… it could be!

May 29th.. it is what it is.. perfection!