Tuesday, June 16, 2009

home and back.. home and back... home

this is the forecast of my next few weeks... I flew home on Thursday to the bedside of our darling friend Cody Armstrong... (April 25, 1990 to June 15, 2009)... I was told he had died.. he had not.. and what an emotional roller coaster... yesterday morning at 10:30am Atlantic he did pass... he battled a rare brain cancer for almost 4 years... what an inspiration.. as I sat in his hospital room a steady stream of teens paraded in and told stories of how he saved them, in one way or another... what a glorious testament to his kindness, caring and compassion... Cody was like my child.. I feel a depth of sadness that defies words... I love him and will miss his friendship!

Wednesday I fly home, again, for Hanna's Prom.. a somber event... Mary will not be with us and Cody was to be her date... his older brother, Corey, who Hanna is dating will step in.. he has some big shoes to fill:-) Then back to Toronto, again on Sunday, and then home for good the following week end... good I need some rest!

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