Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthdays and other milestones!

Today is Hanna and Mary's Birthday.. Hanna is now 18 and marking the days to her Prom... I miss Mary terribly:-( If Mary was alive she would still look the same, Hanna does. I am worried about what will happen when I can no longer imagine her as the age Hanna is.

The theme of this year's courtyard party is Super Hero's.. I want to go as Mary!

My birthday Party was a huge success and Julie and my classmates did it up nice.

I am now a Reiki Master!

School is almost over and I am on information overload.

I am grateful for everything!

I have my tickets to fly home for Hanna's Prom in June.

I am going to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra tonight with Julie.

I am planting a healing garden with my friend Doreen this week end.

I miss home, and you.

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