Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eulogies and Graduations...

Not only did Hanna look beautiful, but was amazing this week end.. actually all the kids were... with style and caring they bounced from wake to Prom to Funeral to Graduation.. I am so very proud... tonight the Courtyard Party.. time to let some of this GO!!


Cody came into our lives very unexpectedly and at a time when we needed him most. That seemed to be his way with all things. He just showed up when WE needed him and knew what to say or what to do to help US feel better. That was one of his many gifts, unselfishness. He expected very little for himself and no matter how much pain he had he rarely ever complained.

He had a quiet and gentle way of listening and watching what was going on around each of us and then he would come up with a powerful solution to whatever problem we had. And he was not afraid of the BIG problems either. With mature words he guided and soothed our broken hearts. He carried a heavy burden for many of us and there are some who are alive today because of his friendship.

Then there was that LOUD side to Cody. That side that would not back down in a fight and stood by your side regardless of expected outcomes. He did not think of his safety or run and hide, he just acted in what he knew was in the best interest of the person he was defending. And this gift is a rare one indeed and served him well as he waged his own war against cancer, that gift is a fighter’s spirit and courage beyond human expectations.

I once told him that he was my Jesus and he did not blink an eye, he knew what I meant and took it as the compliment it was. That I was acknowledging his ability to be A self-sacrificing compassionate teacher filled with unparalleled Love and kindness. Traits that we all struggle to possess, he had in abundance. He knew that what I saw in him was wisdom far beyond his years and I was honored to sit at his feet to learn from him.

As I sat by Cody’s hospital bed, I watched a steady stream of people of all ages come to support him. It was there I realized that I was not the only person he taught, saved, and loved. This fact was further confirmed when I joined 3 Memorial Facebook groups with over 1000 members and began to read the many entries commending his virtues…. I found myself specifically drawn to the.. “What do you Like about Cody Armstrong”… section of one page… and here is a sample of what I read…

“What do I like about Cody...Well where do I start!! OMG I would have to say everything...there's like nothing not to like about him!!! I love how no matter what happens he still smiles and stays positive...I also love that no matter what his friends go through. He is always there for them...THANKS Cody!!!”

“He’s an awesome person... He’s fun, cool, caring... He keeps his head up when times get hard and he fights his way through, He’s a very strong person. He NEVER gives up.”

“One of the things I like best about Cody is that he has a really big heart and is kind to everyone. He is strong and nothing can stop him when he wants something he goes for it and wont stop until he gets it ♥”

“Cody you are like a brother 2 me and one of the strongest people I have ever met and ever will, I love you man.”

“Cody is one of the strongest people I know!! He is my hero...His strength is to be admired. His courage is beyond most!!
I also admire his loving heart, his determination. Cody is loved from coast to coast!! Cody your spirit, your strength creates hope for us all.”

Out of all of these remarkable comments, the most often used words were compassionate, loving, a true friend, a hero, courageous, strong, fearless, positive, supportive, and generous. Our friend was all of those things, and more. We all have many great memories of Cody and my hope is that we will all keep on sharing them and celebrating him. I believe that through sharing our stories of Cody we will continue to learn and grow from his example and continue his legacy of LOVE.

As I was writing this an old saying came to mind…

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.”

That is how our darling boy lived his life. In service to others and that is qualified by the amount of people who are here today to wish him God Speed and to share in mourning with those he held dear. He always did get a crowd… and like he always said, “When ya got it ya got it!”

Love and Hugs Patty

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