Monday, October 27, 2008


LOVE is the only answer... and each of us finds our path through a different guide.. for some it is Jesus, Oh man if we really listen he is love... or Buddha... or whatever... but it is being open to love... for me that is to accept everything as it is.. that includes ourselves... in this moment... the only thing that is real is this moment... and we must learn to flow with it, through it.. and yes sometimes it is like riding a huge wave that you feel will certainly be the end of you... and sometimes we want it to be the end of us, especially when grieving or in deep deep pain... connection to the divine in all of us is essential for self love and having the ability to recognize the divine in others opens us to that deep spiritual love our souls crave... that does not mean I have to walk a path another sets... because that is not my path.. sometimes my path is to open myself up to the living earth and feel the beat of Nature.. the divine is there.. Nature is my church and I do not walk alone... I feel the angels walk with me.. I feel my angel guides like they are another me..but reality is I am them.. we are all one from the same source... open to that learning.. I have long ago stopped imposing my will and allow right action to flow through me.. it is always the will of the collective universe... it is always the will of Love.... and love has many names... Goddess, God, Creator, Universal Protector... he/she/they said "I am who I am".. just accept what is and learn to flow with it... As Toni Morrison says.. "You got to free yourself from the shit that weighs you do in order to fly"... stop thinking.. just be with things and see where it goes... and feel your spirit soar! :-)

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