Monday, March 22, 2010

Jesus was a Reiki Master/Teacher and other expostulations on the death of a child….a requiem!

Expostulation - the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest (and because this is me, a deep desire to understand).

At Alicia’s funeral service the Priest said that Jesus raised a girl from the dead and he did it for real, but the message we are to take from the bible passage is symbolic. That we do not die, that we are born again in the spirit. How confusing! On one hand we are to take the meaning literally then symbolically. Oh I believe in healing, and I believe in Jesus and Buddha and all the other Spiritual Teachers who come to teach us the ways of Spirit so that we can, in our limited human way, understand the process and make peace with it. I am not sure that Jesus ever raised anyone from physical death. Why would he want to when what our soul desperately seeks is a return to spirit. Why would someone who loves me so much deprive us of the passage that our heart longs for or prolong our spiritual suffering? I believe that Jesus did indeed heal a sick girl that was near deaths door, by laying his hands on her and this extension allowed her, with his help, to make peace with the transition so that she could do so without fear. I think Jesus is a miracle. And not for one minute do I believe that every story like this is the same. I have no evidence, one way or the other; however, it makes sense as he was teaching us to understand the conversion of the soul not the transformation of the physical body. Welcome to Mystery!

I refer to myself as a Reiki Master/Teacher because I have been taught and attuned to be just that, and am guided in my Teaching. But I always say this with a disclaimer… I am in training, as are we all, to understand the glories of Mystery. The one thing I do know for sure is that my spirit can rise up to greet Mystery and be in communion with it through prayer, meditation and intention. This happened very profoundly when Mary died and what I experienced as her spirit crossed over was in fact a marvel. In that moment I knew exactly what “sing choir’s of Angels” and “hosanna in the highest” meant. In that profound horribly beautiful moment the vastness that her soul connected to and became one with was beyond human comprehension, and yet I felt it with every fiber of my being and my spirit raised up and wanted to go with her into the vastness. But I was not chosen to go this time.

As we were leaving Alicia’s service a women asked me if I was one of her Teacher’s and, overcome with grief I could only nod my head no, but what I really wanted to say was, “I was not her teacher, she was mine”. Like each of the children I have had the honour to sit before and learn from, she inspired me to grow and learn and stay connected to Mystery; knowing that my Spirit can continue to rise up and is connected to all that is. My Spirit, and yours, is connected and the choice is ours to feel that connection. I have experienced death and loss a lot over the past 4 years and each time it occurs I try to find meaning or understanding in what has happened and that is my human way of making peace with what is. And this is my one peace, that like others before me, I too shall leave this world, when my time has come, and my spirit will expand exponentially to become one with Mystery. And this makes it ok for me to breathe in and out and continue to live a physical life with a focus on understanding Mystery. I am in training to be worthy of that transition, so I hope that no one raises me up from the dead… honestly, I don’t think I could handle it twice!

On the way home from Alicia’s funeral service I was listening to CBC Radio 2 and Julie Nesrallah, host of Tempo, was talking about how one store is pumping in Mozart’s music into the store to deter youth from theft because they do not like this music and they won’t come into the store. Her expostulation was about how misunderstood genius is and that the subtle nuances of his music are lost to those who are open to hearing. And the fact that Mozart stands as the archetype of the Classical style, she was shocked that anyone would ever be deterred in any manner from listening to him. Mozart too died young on 5 December 1791 at the age of 35. Imagine what could have happened had he lived to 65!

My Mary loved Mozart. She loved how her body could feel his music and how intense her emotions became and how they moved and changed in tune with his music. It was Vivaldi that was playing when her physical body stopped, Vivaldi is my favorite, but Mozart was not far behind on the CD. And just like that day, Mary came again to teach me and remind me to feel and to be in tune with the sounds around me. And to remind me that Death is not the last chapter of any story, it is but the beginning. And isn’t that what Jesus wants to tell me too?

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