Saturday, January 23, 2010


The sun is shinning brightly and reflected off the trees behind my house, the world is cold and crisp and clean.... and the day is unfolding with magic.... starting with my wonderful Patty-chouli soap made by my good friends at Sudsmuffin... aromatherapy is really a brilliant way to start a day!

The ice covered bush

bent by an oppressive weight tries desperately to hold on,
for the sun to resurrect the world again ,
and give us warmth, and comfort, and solace.
Finally it comes, and as it shone through the densely laden branches
millions of tiny rainbows flowed outward and inward.
Magnificence, symbolic of the first covenant, juxtaposed
by exposed succulent fibers that tink tinkle in the wind.
An exquisite melodic sound fills the air
and yet, distant eerie cries, crack cracking ,
like a silent scream, felt with your heart, is all that is heard.
And as each limb gives itself up, no longer able to wait for salvation,
numbness replaces our joy.
How can something so beautiful be so devastating
and yet, give us hope?

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