Saturday, October 10, 2009

slow and easy....

My life moves at incredible speed.... do I do it, or is that just this lifetimes theme?

So much happens in a short period of time and yet I feel slow and calm inside... this is the gift that purpose has given me, and I am grateful. As I move into Fall I am reminded of gratitude, kindness and abundance.... and I revel in the joy that comes from living with the knowledge that the Universe will given me all that I need to learn and grow in Spirit... that all that I need, I already have.

I am working almost everyday at the Centre, trying to get caught up on bills after having been away for a year. And at the same time I am building my client base, doing case studies and spending time with my children. I am creating home healing parties, teaching Reiki, and working on a series of Chakra workshops.

Reiki- during my Master attunement I was told that I was being called to teach.. to bring Reiki to those who came to me to learn... little did I know that once I accepted this directive, people would come. The group that presented this month are Women living in Poverty, their payment is community service... pay it forward!

This past month I gave free 15 minute intuitive Reiki session at an Envirofair and I was both nervous and exhilarated. Like all things that comes to me by intuition, I trusted its rightness and it was a success. I had not used Reiki in this way before and was surprised at how effective it was for focused treatment of illness. I am now using it along with Medical Intuition, and it application has been profound.

I attended an amazing workshop on angel communication and am overjoyed that I can channel Angels during treatments. Angels and Spirit Guides, Totems and messages... it truly is amazing to connect with Spirit. My joy comes from being allowed to witness healing and growth, and each time I do I heal and grow through the experience.

I have started doing home parties as well.. like Tupperware but for energy healing... each party can be customized to suit the host and guests... let me know if you would like to arrange one!

Speaking of Tupperware... I have developed this fascination with old school pieces... it happened at the office... a bunch of things were donated and I saw this little pink cup with the white lid (you know the one, probably from the 60's) and I had to have it... I asked my boss, because we never take the donations for ourselves... and she said, "Sure, that is the garbage pile Patty".... hehe... the little cup was stained and worn from years of use.. I brought it home and gently cleaned it with mild soap and a toothbrush and it gleamed... I have made room for it with my good china... there is something fabulous about a kitchen piece with a story of it's own... I am not sure why I am collecting it, but a new collection has begun!

As the turkey thaws I give thanks... for all that I have AND all that I have lost.. through each I grow in Spirit and this brings me closer to PEACE.

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